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A self-initiated brief for a brand identity for my teas.


I grow a large variety of produce from five different types of mint to citrus trees and grapevines,
all organic with no chemicals or pesticides.

I wanted to create a brand which represented the homegrown/handcrafted and organic aspect of the teas which took months to grow and cultivate.

For the logo and monogram I wanted a rough and ready aesthetic with finesse, due to knowing I wanted to screenprint the designs in the future. The clean monogram is comprised of mint leaves contained within a cup, contrasted by the natural and flowy typographic logo which creates a nice balance between both.

For the collateral of the brand I wanted to incorporate the actual mint leaves into the design, therefore I made some charcoal impressions of the leaves. I scanned the impressions and created vectors from them all to produce the base elements for all designs.

I then created couple of social media ads/promotions to raise excitement for the teas on my instagram.

After creating a few mock ups and altering the design, I created the actual packaging. I created the silk screens and had to change a few due to the text being too small which caused the emulsion to wash off when being cleaned.

I also created a smalled 'taster pack' to give to friends and family, alongside the main packets which can be purchased.

After spending six days screen printing and packing the teas into the packaging I did a product shoot of the brand.

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