Your Mood Diary:

A freelance brief for private practicing psychiatrists.

'Your Mood Diary' is a diary/journal to be given to patients in order for the patient to monitor their mood and anxiety every day for twelve weeks. In addition to monitoring how they are feeling there are also activity pages, helplines, a crisis plan and more, in order to help them feel more motivated and happier, as well as helping them in case they are in an emergency.

I fulfilled this brief by creating a bright and welcoming diary. By producing an atmosphere that is welcoming and not threatening or deterring due to the bright colours and non-rigid lines. It allowed for a light hearted approach to the topic which ultimately would help the patients feel as if there wasn’t anything fundamentally wrong for them to be scared of.

My main aim was to make the diary as an accessory to the patients lives and that they are not embarrassed to have or use on a daily basis.

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